Graphics Improvements in Pointwise V18.0 R3

Pointwise Version 18.0 R3 was recently released with several graphics improvements among other new features. The most significant of these upgrades are:

  • Transparency (0-100%) is now an attribute that can be applied to the display of curve and surface entities.
  • Double precision graphics is now the default instead of single precision.
  • Users can now configure Pointwise so that joined connectors do not contain internal break points.

The new transparency display attribute has been applied to these guide vanes in the duct mesh from the 3rd AIAA Propulsion Aerodynamics Workshop.

Despite being primarily a maintenance release, V18.0 R3 includes over two dozen other new features that you can read about in The Connector and in our announcement.

Pointwise V18.0 R3 is available for immediate download from our website.



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