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Briggs Automotive Co. painted their BAC Mono car with colorful streamlines that are intended to mimic the CFD results they obtained from Autodesk’s CFD tools. Image from

News from Pointwise

  • At AIAA Propulsion and Energy, you’ll find Pointwise in the exhibit hall and in several technical presentations on mesh adaption, nozzle aerodynamics, and the recently completed Propulsion Aerodynamics Workshop. All the details are on our website at
  • Pointwise will be in College Park, Maryland in August for a 1-day workshop on Efficient Meshing. Register today before this free event fills up.

Reading, Reading, and More Reading


Jordan Griska, Wreck, 2016. Image from Colossal. Read more here. [You didn’t think I’d post an artistic rendering of CFD on a car without also showing a mesh on a car, did you?]

Events and…


CFD simulation of airflow in the nose. From Image-based CFD in the lung: virtual reality or new clinical practice? Image from Wiley Online Library.

My Mesh is Slipping Away

Alert Twitter follower @Vincent_Lab saw a sculpture in South Kensington outside the office of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and was kind enough to think of us. After a bit of research (and emails from the RBS – thank you) I learned that the work is by a fellow of the society, Joseph Hillier. This piece, Breathe, is part of his Digitalrendition exhibition.

According to the exhibit’s website, “The works in this exhibition are a poignant analysis of humanity’s relationship to our new world of ephemeral data structures and their reconfiguration of time and space. It is Hillier’s way of holding onto and making physical some of the visual information around us which is continually slipping away.”


Joseph Hillier, Breathe. Photo credit: @Vincent_Lab. See link above.

P.S. Here’s wishing my fellow citizens a happy Independence Day weekend.

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P.S. P.S. P.S. This proves I read too many legal agreements.

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