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  • Lifecycle Insights is collecting data via their 2017 Simulation Study Survey which is said to take only 10 minutes. Why not spend a little time, have your voice heard, and receive the final survey results?
  • On a related note, is studying how engineers stay informed. [By reading This Week in CFD, of course.] The survey comes with a pretty nice preamble for what they’re looking for. Please help them out.
  • DCS Computing has an immediate opening for a model & software developer for their open-source CFDEM software.
  • The video of SIGGRAPH’s Real-Time Live demos includes several fluids-based animations that make me [you?] wonder, “How’d they do that?”
  • On a related note, RealFlow’s Cinema 4D 2.0 was released and it too includes some cool-looking fluids capabilities.
  • Here’s Visualizing Data’s best of the visualization web for June 2017.

You know why I’m posting this photo of a PNY PREVAILPRO mobile workstation based on NVIDIA GPUs. Image from DEVELOP3D.

Have Little Relation


SimScale shared this CFD simulation of wind loading of a tank farm.

To The Content

  • Our friends at ANSYS continue to earn revenue at a nice pace with $264 million in Q2, an increase of 7% (as reported by Monica Schnitger). Read more in this article from TenLinks.
  • Speaking of ANSYS, DEVELOP3D presents a detailed look at ANSYS Mechanical R18 with a promise to do the same for their CFD products next month.
  • According to, the new IndyCar aerokit (designed with the aid of CFD) performs well. On a related note, NASCAR needs more CFD to understand proposed changes to their aerokits.
  • SimScale explains verification and validation. [My summary: Verification tests whether your software is correctly solving your mathematical model. Validation tests how accurately your software’s results match reality.]

They Precede

  • The OpenGL 4.6 specification has been published “including the capability to ingest SPIR-V shaders.” [I’d be much obliged if someone could explain the quoted text to me. My next goal is to use the word “ingest” in one of our product announcements.]
  • Beta CAE released v18.0.0 of their software suite.
  • What’s new in FloTHERM via
  • Autodesk promotes their mesh automation in a video titled Never Run a CFD Mesh Sensitivity Study Again. Registration is required to view the video.
  • FEAforAll opens the proverbial Pandora’s box by answering the question Which CAD format is best for CAE? [Short answer: the one your software imports most accurately. I’m not being flippant. There is no “best” format; they’re all equivalent.]

Voronoi in the Park

I should stop being surprised when tessellations manifest themselves IRL (in real life for the non-l33t). Rod Bogart created a Voronoi diagram of people enjoying the sunshine in a park.  I first saw this posted to where this diagram was said to illustrate the parkgoers’ personal spaces.


Voronoi diagram of people in a park. Image by Rod Bogart, first seen on See links above.


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