This Week in CFD

Pointwise Events

  • Join Pointwise in Stuttgart on 4-5 December for the Pointwise Meshing Technology Conference, a deep dive into our technology for geometry modeling; high-order, structured and unstructured meshing; and lessons learned about mesh effects on CFD results from our participation in recent workshops and conferences. The event is free but registration is required.
    • A special presentation on High-Quality Scalable Meshes will be delivered by Georg Scheuerer, Managing Director of iSimQ.
  • Pointwise will be in Daejeon, Korea on 16 October for a 1-day workshop on Efficient Meshing with Pointwise. Marine and aerospace applications will be discussed with a focus on mesh effects on CFD results. Also on the agenda are geometry modeling and a preview of new capabilities being developed for the software. This workshop is free but registration is required.

Applications & More


Iso-surfaces of velocity are shown from a CONVERGE CFD simulation of a car body passing through a paint bake oven. Image from Convergent Science.

  • Mentor will be recognizing excellence in electronics thermal design with the launch of their FloTHERM Delta TJ Award, to be awarded in September to an entry judged to be the best application of their technology (see announcement for criteria). Entries are due 25 August 2017.
  • Envenio seeks respondents to their CFD survey – how you use it and where you think the challenges are. They promise prizes. [Including a magnum of ┬áVeuve Clicquot champagne.]
  • GE is using CFD to design better 3D printers for metal.
  • CFD was used to simulate the external aerodynamics of what will be Istanbul’s tallest building, the Kucuk Camlica TV tower. [Please pardon the lack of diacritical marks due to my laziness.]
  • Here’s an article describing application of Exa PowerFLOW to aeroacoustic simulation.

SAE shares an article describing variable aerodynamic devices (aka active aero) on a Lamborghini Huracan. Image from SAE.

Software & More


This U.S. Dept. of Energy exascale timeline is part of an article about the storage and I/O components of these future machines. Image from

  • Tecplot released Tecplot RS 2017 for visualizing reservoir simulation results in the oil and gas industries.
  • PLOT3D v4.1 has been updated with new capabilities for CFD visualization and is available through NASA’s technology transfer program. [PLOT3D was the first CFD viz software I used way back in the late 1980s. To see this former winner of NASA’s Software of the Year award still being updated says a lot about its utility.]
  • The OpenFOAM Foundation released OpenFOAM 5.0.
  • CONSELF seeks applicants for a CAE analyst position in Italy.
  • DesignPro seeks a CFD partner for simulation of small-scale river turbines for power generation.
  • Tech Soft 3D shares their perspective on CAD data re-use. “Leverage the BREP [boundary representation] – BREP (geometry and topology) is the starting point for CAD data reuse. The quality of the BREP is critical for many workflow[s].”

Facets, Real and Virtual

I was impressed by Denver’s art scene during my visit to the city this past summer for AIAA Aviation. So this article from the Denver Post about public displays of art caught my eye, especially Sandra Fettingis’ faceted mural, Gem City.


Sandra Fettingis, Gem City. Image from the Denver Post. See link above.

Bonus Video:


Screen capture from the animated short film L’oiseau qui danse by Jean-Marie Marbach. I like the juxtaposition of the faceted bird and flower within a setting that’s very liquid in appearance. Image from Cartoon Brew.

Bonus: How do you go about 3D printing just about anything while ensuring it can stably spin? Spin-It.

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