Another Intern Farewell: Brian Ta

As the start of the academic year approaches, we continue to experience an outflow of interns. The latest departure was Brian Ta who worked on our Product Development team.


Pat Baker (Manager of Product Development) and intern Brian Ta.

Brian contributed to a new feature for Pointwise that we’re very excited about – a plugin SDK for writing your own mesh importers. Imagine the potential of importing a mesh from virtually any source so you can evaluate all its mesh metric functions that are built-in to Pointwise. Or apply any of Pointwise’s other capabilities to the mesh.

Working under the tutelage of David Garlisch (who is primarily responsible for the CAE Export Plugin SDK and who wrote the mesh import plugin) Brian wrote the first mesh importers for OpenFOAM, ANSYS CFX, SU2, CFD++, and FUN3D. When this new capability is released we also plan to post these plugins’ source code to our GitHub repository as samples for those of you who want to write your own.

By the time you read this, Brian will be on his way back to Texas A&M University for the final semester of his computer science degree. We wish Brian the best of luck for this semester and beyond.

If you’re interested in an internship at Pointwise we usually open them in January. Watch for the details.

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