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Example of EnSight’s case-linking capability. Image from ANSYS. See link above.

From Pointwise

  • ICYMI, Tim Tautges (Siemens PLM) and I reviewed two mesh generation texts in SIAM Review. If you’re not a SIAM member, you can read the review online here.
  • Join us in Daejeon, South Korea on 16 October 2017 for a workshop on Efficient Meshing with Pointwise. The workshop is free but registration is required.
  • On 4-5 December in Stuttgart, Germany we will be hosting the Pointwise Meshing Technology Conference, a deep dive into the methods and techniques used in our software. The conference is free but registration is required.

News of Various Types

Applications & Computing

Structured & Unstructured

Alert reader JP discovered two sculptures held in a private collection that represent both structured quadrilateral and unstructured (what looks like the Voronoi dual, actually) meshes.

Honda Syoryu is the artist who created the swirling structured grid below from woven bamboo, a medium he says is both incredibly pliable yet not completely controllable. You can read more about him at the TAI Modern website.


Artist: Honda Syoryu. See link above.

Sculptor Lino Tagliopietra is responsible for the glass vase shown in close-up detail below. Working almost exclusively in glass, this particular piece involves using a hand grinder to create the Voronoi-type effect seen here.


Artist: Lino Tagliapietra. See link above.

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