Our Final Intern Farewell for 2017: Brian Zdeb

The last of our summer interns has headed back to California. Brian Zdeb will begin his senior year of mechanical engineering at Caltech.


Brian Zdeb and Carolyn Woeber (Manager of Technical Support)

As you can see front the title slide of Brian’s end-of-summer presentation, his efforts this summer covered six different topics.

  1. Meshing the CX-100 wind turbine for the upcoming North American Wind Energy Academy conference.
  2. Helping generate the yacht mesh for the International Meshing Roundtable contest (to be judged next week).
  3. Assisting with end-user support.
  4. Writing documentation.
  5. Programming a script to automate terrain meshing.
  6. Performing quality assurance testing.

Brian did a lot of good work for us that you’ll all start seeing soon, either at conferences or in the product itself.


Surface meshes on the CX-100 wind turbine hub.


Preliminary surface meshes for the yacht case for the 2017 International Meshing Roundtable’s meshing contest.


Terrain geometry processing via a script for eventual meshing for wind turbine siting and other applications.

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