This Week in CFD

Lucky “Friday the 13th” Edition


  • ICYMI, Digital Engineering featured the article Removing the Meshing Bottleneck in which they list seven avenues of development for simulation software that seem to be pursued by many software vendors. #4 Solution adaptation. [Full disclosure: I am quoted in that article.]
  • ANSYS AIM 18.2 features time-dependent flows and discrete particle modeling.
  • New features coming in 2017 Q4 to COMSOL Multiphysics 5.3a include turbulent inlets, coupled plasma, and 3D Connexion device support.
  • With all the recent news involving Lattice-Boltzmann CFD codes, I’ve just learned about a code I hadn’t heard of before: ProLB.




Typical hullform CFD results from DNV GL’s Virtual Trial. Image from See link below.

  • It looks like DNV GL’s new Virtual Trial CFD tool is a highly automated, cloud based, RANS solver for hull designs. See image above.
  • A Verification and Validation Study of CFD Simulations for the Flow Around a Tug (registration required)
  • CFD contributed to the development of Pratt & Whitney’s geared turbofan engine for the FAA’s environmentally-friendly aircraft program.
  • CFD influenced the design of Kabuto Aeroblade-5 motorcycle helmet.
  • Our friends at Intelligent Light are featured in this article on CFD in Formula 1.

Elysium’s CAD Doctor is used to prepare high-fidelity geometry models for simulation of Formula 1 aerodynamics. Image from See link above.


Pointwise News

Mesh Warpage

OK, so maybe the mesh itself isn’t all that warped but the effect of these floor tiles from Casa Ceramica will certainly give the effect of a warped floor. Let the walking hilarity ensue. They’re “eating their own dogfood” as the expression goes by installing this in their studio. I wonder if it helps or hinders walk-in traffic? As originally seen on Colossal. Inquiries have been sent for pricing.


Not just another example of a weird flooring effect. You can actually buy the tiles to create this warped effect from Casa Ceramica. Image from Colossal. See link above.

Bonus: Grid Poems, a book of poetry in which poems are arranged in a 3×3 array of lines such that different meanings result depending on whether you read left to right or top to bottom. The poetry is coupled with grid-like, discrete illustrations to further enhance the effect. [I entered the contest for a free copy. Did not win.]

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