This Week in CFD

CFD-Sinus-smallThe CFD news on this first day of December includes everything from the common cold to other things (about computational science) that are horrible. But don’t fret, there are a couple of ideas for your last-minute holiday shopping as well as CFD applications for (literally) planes, trains, automobiles and ships. 

News of All Types

New of the Pointwise Type

  • The guest post by Drs. Urick and Marussig on why CAD geometry is inexact is proving to be quite popular. Maybe it’s because people didn’t know that the analytic solution to the intersection of two bicubics is a curve of degree 324.
  • We’re excited to have a lot of people in transit right now to Stuttgart where they’ll host our Meshing Technology Conference next week on 4-5 December. We’ll be sharing the technical details of how we do structured, hybrid, and high-order meshing; how we work with complex geometry models; and we’ll share what we’ve learned about how meshing impacts the CFD process.
  • If you can’t join us in Germany, join us online on 13 December for a webinar about The Influence of Meshing Strategies on Simulation Efficiency. We meshed a marine propeller three ways and will report on convergence and accuracy of the CFD solution.


Open Source News


Comparison of wind tunnel (left) and simulation (right) for wing-fuselage juncture flow. Image from NASA. See link below.

  • The 2nd Annual SU2 Developers Meeting is coming up on 18-19 December at Stanford University. You can register here. In addition to technical topics, plans for the SU2 Foundation will be discussed.
  • Holzmann CFD is polling the community for input on their future direction. Take their survey and let them know what kind of OpenFOAM tutorials and training you’re interested in.
  • fem4free appears to be an effort to promote the use of Code_Aster for German speakers.



RhinoCentre NL offers online training in Hull Design and Fairing.


My favorite CFD application of the week comes from a paper presented at the recent APS DFD meeting on flow through the sinus cavity. [The fact that I’ve been sneezing all morning has nothing to do with this.] Image from Science Daily.

Wear Your Mesh on Your Sleeve

(And Everywhere Else for Modesty’s Sake)

The latest fashion news from SolidSmack features a triangular mesh fabric that can be 3-D printed. The designer is Devin Montes and the file is available for download.


Even better, tri mesh fabric is NOT included in Forbe’s list of ten things never to wear to work.

Bonus: Just in time for the holidays, FYFD opened an online store with all the gear a fluids freak could ever want.

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