This Week in CFD

Figure1-CFM56_geometry-Studio-cropIn this last edition of This Week in CFD of 2017 you’ll find insight on Mentor’s Cartesian-based approach to mesh generation, tips on visualizing your simulation results, and an update on the Exascale Computing Project. And the inevitable “more.” 

Geometry & Meshing


An example of Mentor’s SmartCell technology in action as applied to a benchmark case for external automotive flows. Image from the white paper referenced above.

Solvers & More

Computing & Visualization


Here are 6 tips for improving your CFD visualizations. #3 Streamlines are the most misused visualization method. Image from

Looks Back at 2017

An Amazing Tetrahedron

To ease you into the new year’s weekend [if you aren’t already on vacation/holiday], here’s a mental challenge. Unflatten this tet and find a path through the maze from one dot to the other.


Four-Sided-Story, originally seen on Futility Closet.

— Happy New Year to All —

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