Seeking Students for Summer Internships

4.1.1It’s that time of year again. We’re currently seeking students for summer internships on our technical support, product development, and applied research teams. 

Technical Support: You’ll generate meshes and write scripts in support of our clients including quality assurance testing.

Product Development: You’ll write source code and scripts that will end up in our software product in the near term.

Applied Research: You’ll assist in the investigation, implementation, or testing of advanced mesh generation technologies.

We’re looking for students in engineering or related fields who are interested in CFD and who are excellent communicators. You can read all the details on our website.

Tips for Candidates

  1. Send both a cover letter and resume. The resume is “just the facts.” The cover letter is my motivation for reading the facts. Tell me why I should care about your coursework.
  2. Check the spelling and grammar on your resume and cover letter. Have a friend check it. Have the career services office check it. Repeat as necessary. These documents are your first work product for us and we will judge it as such.
  3. Be certain that the objective on your resume matches our position. We’re a software company so I have no problem rejecting a candidate who’s seeking a job in experimental work.
  4. The email address on your resume should match the one from which you send us your resume and should be one that you check frequently for news from us.

Apply Today

We just started phone interviews this week so there is plenty of time for you to be considered for these internships. Don’t delay and email your cover letter and resume today so you can spend a glorious summer generating meshes in sunny Fort Worth.




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