Overset and Voxel Meshing in Latest Pointwise Release

Pointwise-V181-Propeller-180x180Pointwise Version 18.1 is now available for download and production use. This major release brings into the product a vast suite of tools developed over a 2-year period funded by the U.S. Air Force Materiel Command.

This $1.2 million research effort, itself an extension of a Small Business Innovation Research Phase II award, was focused on overset grid assembly. When the results of the research were moved into the production software, the features were extended to apply to all types of meshes.


A cut plane through an overset mesh system generated for a container ship propeller configuration.  Automated near-body mesh is generated using the new Build Blocks feature while off-body meshing utilizes new voxel hex-dominant meshing technology.

A series of upcoming blog posts will highlight the new features in more detail including:

  • Multiple coordinate systems are supported via the Frameworks feature. An object can be meshed in its own local coordinate system (for example, an aircraft’s external fuel tank) and then transformed into its location within the overall mesh (for example, the entire aircraft).
  • Top-down volume mesh creation is available via the Build Blocks feature. As used for overset mesh refinement, a volume is automatically created around user-selected surface meshes.
  • Cartesian volume meshes, called Voxel Blocks, are another new, top-down tool for encapsulating a boundary layer refined mesh.
  • Assessment of the mesh via its metrics has been enhanced through several additions to the Examine command including filters to limit the mesh cells displayed by metric values and cuts through a volume mesh that can now persist outside the Examine command.
  • The addition of filters to Examine now provides the ability to create a point cloud for use as a mesh clustering source for mesh adaptation.
  • Mesh adaptation via sources now influence the surface meshes in addition to the volume mesh.
  • Meshes in virtually any format can now be imported with the addition to the API of mesh import capabilities.

Current Customers

Download and install Pointwise Version 18.1 today. Please note that a new Activation Key will be required for everyone.


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If you want to try the new features in Pointwise Version 18.1 for yourself, now is the time to request a free trial license.


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