This Week in CFD

peregrine-falconThis week’s post demonstrates the broad applicability of CFD with references to pumps, drones, scrubbers, towers, birds (as seen in this image), and more plus a must-see video from NASA. And it must be that time of year to announce CFD events because the calendar is expanding.


  • Simscale’s 5 tips on creating a high quality mesh can’t be argued against. [IMO. If you can, use the comments below.]
    • start with a watertight geometry model
    • choose a good cell size
    • cluster where needed
    • refine boundary layers
    • do a mesh convergence study
  • Pointwise V18.1 is now available for production use.
  • The Pointwise User Group Meeting 2018 will be held 14-15 November in Fort Worth.

From Pointwise V18.1: A cut plane through an overset mesh system generated for a container ship propeller configuration. Automated near-body mesh is generated using the new Build Blocks feature while off-body meshing utilizes new voxel hex-dominant meshing technology. See link above.

Events & News


  • Application of the week: NASA’s CFD simulation of the Orion’s spacecraft’s launch abort vehicle. Must watch video.

NASA’s CFD simulation of the Orion Launch Abort Vehicle showing pressure (red=high, blue=low). Image from See link above.


CFD simulation of a peregrine falcon in flight. Image from See link above.

This Week in Facets

Had serendipitous encounters with facets twice this week. First there was Kamrooz Aram’s painting shown below, Composition with Fragments. Despite my poor photography, I hope you can appreciate Aram’s juxtaposition of east and west, classic and modern. In addition, there appears to my eye a rectangular grid underlying the entire work. I like this painting more each time I look at it and hope The Modern acquires it for their permanent collection.

And what do you think of the red circle? Comments below, please.


Kamrooz Aram, Composition with Fragments, 2017.

Thanks to alert reader J.P. for making me aware of one of the costumes used in the recent live TV broadcast of Jesus Christ Superstar. Caiaphas is rocking those tri facets.


Caiaphus from Jesus Christ Superstar. Image credit: NBC/Paul Lee/NBC. Image from See link above.

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    “A thimbleful of red is redder than a bucketful.” — Henri Matisse

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