Pointwise User Group Meeting 2018 – Call for Papers

CFD_Review_120X150_UGM_CFPWe are now accepting abstracts for the Pointwise User Group Meeting. Your 500 words about an application of mesh generation using Pointwise are due by 13 July.  

Mesh generation for CFD may never again be as cool as it is right now. On the one hand you have the NASA CFD Vision 2030 Study calling for meshing to be invisible. On the other hand you have CFD companies built around the idea of never having to generate a mesh.

Either approach and everything between relies on significant advances in geometry interoperability and preprocessing, meshing algorithms, user experience and customization, and CFD process integration.

All of this – including your contributions – will be the subject of this year’s Pointwise User Group Meeting. We are looking for presenters who will share their leading edge applications of CFD for which Pointwise was used for meshing. The entire Pointwise community will benefit from your usage tips, use of macros and templates, and your approach to making meshing invisible.

Presenting at the Pointwise User Group Meeting is actually quite simple.

  • Send your abstract of 500 words or less by 13 July.
  • Email it to ugm@pointwise.com.
  • Plan on a 30-minute presentation including time for questions.
  • You don’t have to write a full-paper; only your presentation materials.

Don’t delay. Send your abstract today.


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