CAD Interoperability and CFD Meshing Survey

DrivAer-bottom-view-cropWe hope you will spend just a few minutes on our 9-question survey about geometry models and CFD mesh generation. It is open to everyone in the CFD community and we will share the results here after the survey closes. 

Geometry modeling is to mesh generation as turbulence modeling is to CFD. And both of these challenges need to be addressed as they are critical to the accuracy of the simulation results.

One outcome of the 1st AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop was the realization that despite providing the geometry model in various formats, the vast majority of participants used the IGES file. This fact challenges the conventional wisdom that interoperability is improved by using the native CAD format – the file format of the CAD software in which the geometry was created. Or at least one would think that STEP would be preferred over IGES, given all the complaining about the latter.

This outcome made us curious and we wrote this survey to learn more about why this may be so. And while the results will be interesting, they definitely will only be the first step on this research.

Just 9-questions maximum. We hope you will spend a few minutes on this survey.


Results will be collected through 10 May. After that we’ll share the results here. Thanks in advance for your participation.

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