Announcing the 2nd AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop

HLCRMRev2_BottomUp_WingRoot-blueIt’s official. The 2nd AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop (GMGW-2) will be held the weekend prior to AIAA SciTech (5-6 January 2019) in San Diego.  This 2-day workshop will cover three meshing cases and provide forward-looking content for future workshops. 

  • Meshing Case 1: Generate a 30 billion cell mesh for the High Lift Common Research Model (HL-CRM). This case is designed to stress-test all our tools and procedures for exascale applications.
  • Meshing Case 2: Remesh the HL-CRM and repeat the GMGW-1 exercise. This will allow new participants to contribute to the data we acquired during GMGW-1 and returning participants to see how their tools and procedures have improved.
  • Meshing Case 3: Test our abilities to rapidly and robustly mesh parametric variations of a geometry model. (Details to be announced at a future date.)

The HL-CRM geometry model: fuselage, wing, slat, and flaps.

Note that these three cases are not just about generating a mesh. Participants will record and submit details about their process including tools and resources used, problems encountered, and workarounds applied.

The two forward-looking events are:

  • A special presentation on “The NASA HL-CRM Wind Tunnel Model – A Geometry Handling Perspective.” This geometry model is the proposed basis for HiLiftPW-4 and is much more challenging for CFD than the HL-CRM model.
  • A mini-symposium on “Mesh Effects on CFD Solutions.” The discussions during this event may help us design GMGW-3 and HiLiftPW-4 in a way that provides insight into how mesh quality impacts CFD solution accuracy and convergence.

Visit the workshop website today.

  • Indicate your intent to participate. (Important: AIAA will handle registration for the event. Your intent to participate adds you to our email list for news and updates.)
  • Download the geometry model and participant questionnaire for Cases 1 and 2 and begin meshing.

Hope to see you in San Diego this coming January.


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