The Plugin SDK, Part 4: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Import and Export Plugins

Pointwise_White_Paper_Cover-small-borderThe Pointwise Plugin SDK includes an API with which you can integrate meshing into your CFD process with customized file importers and exporters. Here’s how you can get – for free – the ultimate resource for writing your own plugins.

Parts 1, 2, and 3 of this series of blog posts introduced updates to the Pointwise Plugin SDK in Version 18.1 for exporting meshes to CAE files and described how to write unstructured grid importers and structured grid importers.

All that material – and more – has been compiled into a single report: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Import and Export Plugins. This freely available report provides the details you need to take full advantage of the SDK and fully integrate Pointwise into your CFD processes.

Don’t delay: request your free report today.



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