This Week in CFD

Rayleigh-Benard ConvectionWhile it’s not for me to tell you what to watch or read, there are two must watch videos this week. The first – screenshot shown here – is a beautiful simulation of Rayleigh-Benard convection. The second is an article with embedded video interviews about our friend democratization and what it really means.  



CFD simulation showing the effect of adding a Hull Vane to a coast guard ship resulting in significant reductions in fuel use. Image is a screen capture of a video from 

News from Pointwise



ANSYS announced the 3 winners of their Discovery Live Engineering Design Competition. Shown here is the winning entry from the Formula SAE team at the University of Utah. Image from  [I love it when students are able to put CFD to good use.]

  • Rhino Compute [appears to be in beta aka “work in progress”] is “geometry as a service” [my term] or a “cloud-based geometry calculator for developers” [their term] accessible through an API.
  • Beta CAE released v18.1.2 of their software suite.
  • OpenFOAM 6 was released.
  • [A little piece of me dies every time I write something like this but] midas MeshFree looks like a new FEA freeware product.
  • Here’s a long-ish overview piece from Simulia about PowerFLOW.
  • The latest issue of PRONET Update for code_aster users is now online.



Gratuitous meshing in consumer products: the Lumipack. Thanks to alert reader David.


CFD can help design drag heads for dredging applications. Image from 

Meshing Uber Alles

From the “you never know who’s generating meshes” category – or at least doing tiling – the folks at Uber Engineering use a hexagonal tiling to map the globe, countries, states, and cities to optimize ride pricing geographically. Their software, H3, was recently released on GitHub if you care to give it a try.

Why hexagons? They minimize quantization error.


Uber tiles the world with hexagons using their H3 software. Image from See link above.



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