Networking and Learning: Reasons to Attend the Pointwise User Group Meeting

662x259_UGM18LogoThe Pointwise User Group Meeting 2018 will be held in Fort Worth, Texas on 14-15 November and registration is now open. Networking and learning are at the top of the list of reasons why you should attend.

Back in February, DEVELOP3D’s Al Dean wrote about why it’s a good idea to attend user events in the CAD (and by extension, CAE) industry. His message hit home with me and I’ve kept it bookmarked until now. He makes a strong case for why attending user events is worth the investment. And I’m using his words to make the case for why you should attend  our event here in Fort Worth.


Maybe you’re on the fence about whether two days of mesh generation would prove valuable. [Strangely, there are people aren’t ecstatic at the mere thought of that much meshing.] Or maybe you need to convince your boss to approve the travel. Al Dean makes a pretty good case for why you should attend.

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Networking: Doing CFD can turn you into something of a hermit. Generating meshes, even more so. [Especially if in your organization you’ve earned the sobriquet of “mesh monkey” or worse.] As Al wrote:

“You get to widen your gaze and widen the range of your learning.”  

Learning: Too often we CFDers use our everyday busy-ness of generating meshes, running solutions, and extracting results as an excuse to not take a step back and ensure we’re up to date on the technology we’re using. To use Stephen Covey’s phrase, we need to take time to “sharpen the saw,” to invest in ourselves so that we’re operating at the best efficiency. Or as Al wrote:

“I guarantee you’ll learn something new that can be applied to how you and your team work.”

Eating: We at Pointwise have been accused of many things and one thing we’re guilty of is loving to eat. From the Welcome Reception, through the event, to the After Party we will keep you fed in the best Texas tradition. But more important to you is to make certain you take advantage of these casual moments to engage with new people, make new friends, put a face with a name.

“Sit at the tables at lunch and have a chat with other folks.”

You can read Al’s complete article at DEVELOP3D here: CAD user events – getting the most out of your visit. And while you’re at it, why not subscribe to their newsletter and blog?

So don’t delay. Register to attend the Pointwise User Group Meeting today. It will be worth your investment. See all the details at


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