This Week in CFD

aerodoodleMeshing and visualization are heavily featured in this two-week compilation of news from the world of CFD. Plus, there’s a cool, online, interactive CFD simulator that’s worth checking out (shown here to the right). And, of course, here’s your reminder to register for the Pointwise User Group Meeting 2018. So with apologies to Edward Tufte who tells us that alphabetical is the least valuable sort order…

News A-Z

  • AeroDoodle is a great time waster application of browser-based CFD simulation. Drop a few shapes into the wind tunnel, enjoy the visualization, and look at the results.
  • BIM and CFD is the topic of a survey that Envenio asks you to complete to learn more about the role of CFD in building design.
  • CADfix 12 has new levels of quad and hex mesh automation.
  • CoolSim for AutoCAD 2.0 was released.

Auto hex meshing in CADfix 12. Image from See link above. [Lovely mesh.]

  • CMN2019, the Congress on Numerical Methods in Engineering, will be held in Portugal on 1-3 July 2019.
  • Discovery Live is like a spell-checker for CAD according to PTC’s CEO who further said “So I think that everybody wants it, every single user and probably especially the ones that are creating geometry would benefit from this capability. “
  • Femap 12 has an updated UI with new interactive controls and visualization capabilities as described in this first in a promised series of teasers leading up to the software’s launch.

Thanks to alert reader Tim for finding unstructured quad meshing in the graphics promoting the Netflix series Kiss Me First. Image from [Mysterious mesh. Does anyone know what software was used for this? I’d guess Maya.]


Femap 12’s updated UI. Image from See link above. [Beautiful mesh.]

  • Pike’s Peak presents a hill-climbing challenge in the world of motorsport that FEA and CFD are helping overcome.
  • SimScale’s online postprocessor now approaches the performance of a desktop system. Be sure to watch the video included in this article from DEVELOP3D.
  • Subdivision (aka Sub-D) surface require a certain amount of expertise to get right; hence, the Pushing Points Topology Workbook [for purchase].

SimScale’s online postprocessor. Image from DEVELOP3D. See link above. [Not a mesh.]

News from Pointwise


Pointwise client Branch Technology have built the world’s largest 3-D printed structure. Image from [Largest mesh.]

Meshes That Digitize Real Space

I was absolutely stunned by the photos of a Paxos Contemporary Art Project installation by Quintessenz. As first seen on Colossal, screens of painted mesh are suspended within ancient Greek ruins on the island of Paxos to achieve a startling effect that makes it appear as though your perception of reality is getting pixelated. Rather than distracting from reality, the effect actually enhances the appearance of the ruins, at least for me.  I highly recommend you browse the entire article on Colossal and then checkout the artist duo’s website. How do people think of this stuff?


Installation in Old Stone House, Kagkatika for Paxos Contemporary Art Project (2018). Image and caption from See links above. [Stunning mesh.]

Bonus: Given that A-B-C is isosceles, prove that C-E-B is a 3-4-5 right triangle. (Answer available on Futility Closet.)


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  1. Greg Burgreen says:

    When can we expect these cell types in Pointwise? jk

  2. Dominic says:

    For the bonus puzzle, note that CD = AB.

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