Workshop on Wind Energy and Marine Applications of CFD and Meshing

Xing Image_ Ad - WkspHamburg2018Pointwise will be in Hamburg, Germany on 18 September for a 1-day workshop on reliable CFD simulations for marine and wind energy applications.  You will learn how meshing impacts both the accuracy of your results and the efficiency of your simulation process.

Explore how Pointwise helps engineers in the marine and wind energy industries attain reliable CFD predictions when you attend the Pointwise Marine and Wind Energy Workshop on 18 September in Hamburg, Germany. Co-hosted with CFD Beratung, technical presentations given by Pointwise engineers and experts will discuss how to simplify the creation of high-aspect ratio, hybrid hexahedral-tetrahedral meshes and direct interfaces to Fluent, CFX, OpenFOAM and more.

  • What: Pointwise Marine and Wind Energy Workshop
  • When: 18 September 2018
  • Where: Hamburg Germany


The workshop agenda includes

  • Mesh topology effects on simulations of a marine propeller
  • Automated meshing for wind turbine siting
  • High-fidelity wind turbine blade meshing
  • Overview and demonstration of Pointwise’s meshing technology

This event is free to attend, but registration is required. All are welcome Рyou need not be a current customer of Pointwise. Registration closes 04 September  Рregister today.


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