Mesh With Us: Two Open Positions at Pointwise

hiring2Pointwise will be expanding our Technical Sales team through the hiring of two professionals who are passionate about mesh generation, CFD, and engineering software. 

Why hire one when you can hire two? Both of these new hires will work on our Technical Sales team and after you read the job descriptions you’ll see how they nicely complement each other. One is more technical, the other more relationship building, both require excellent communication skills. Together they’ll be unstoppable.

Applications Engineer

This role is perfect for someone who loves mesh generation and CFD because your primary role will be to generate meshes, run CFD solutions, and share the results. We seek someone with a graduate degree in engineering or computer science who will

  • Generate meshes on complex geometries across a range of applications.
  • Write and demonstrate Glyph scripts for meshing automation.
  • Write technical articles and produce technical videos.
  • Help plan new features for the software.

Learn all the details about the Applications Engineer position and apply.


Associate Sales Representative

In this role you get to be a product evangelist and prospective customer advocate by helping them understand how our products dovetail with their requirements and deliver the value they need. We seek someone with an undergraduate degree in engineering, business or marketing who will

  • Develop and maintain deep product knowledge.
  • Understand customer requirements.
  • Foster opportunities from initial contact through purchase.
  • Help strategize and identify new sales opportunities.

Learn all the details about the Associate Sales Representative position and apply.


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