Where’s My This Week in CFD?

adaptoThe most recent edition of This Week in CFD was published on 28 September. Rest assured, there has been a lot of activity in the world of CFD in the intervening weeks. What there hasn’t been is any time to document it all. Do you want to know when This Week in CFD will return to its weekly schedule? To find out when I’ll continue writing, click continue reading.

The short answer is, This Week in CFD is accumulating in my bookmarks. When it’s published on Black Friday it’ll be more like The Past Month in CFD. It will be the link dump to end all link dumps.

So, why the delay?

October was hella crazy. Six trips, except two got cancelled (one because of a concussion [long story that isn’t fully resolved] and one because of an inconvenient virus.) One of those trips was to the International Meshing Roundtable where I had the honor of presenting a 1-hour keynote on The Two Reasons Why Meshing Is So Difficult which was fun [hopefully the attendees felt the same way] but came with the price of actually having to write it. And I promised to convert it to a blog post or two.

But you aren’t reading this for my tale of woe for which I neither deserve nor expect commiseration.

Pointwise User Group Meeting 2018

Coming up next week is the Pointwise User Group Meeting 2018. We’ve already set a new record for pre-registered attendees. Maybe that’s because of the training seminars we’re having on the latest suite of new features.


Software seminars at the Pointwise User Group Meeting 2018 will give you hands-on experience with all the latest productivity tools.

You’ll learn directly from our engineers how to exploit the latest advancements in our T-Rex hybrid meshing technique and the new high-order mesh curving technology. Top-down meshing techniques, mesh examination upgrades, and more will be covered.

And attendees will be learning from a great group of speakers who’ll be sharing their approach to meshing and solving CFD problems ranging from aircraft to wire-wrapped rod bundles to thermodynamics. We’ll delve into topics of geometry modeling for CFD, overset meshing, topology optimization, and high-order meshing.


Several of our partners will be present so that you can learn more about their products and how they complement meshing within the CFD ecosystem. You’ll have a chance to talk to folks from Engys, Intelligent Light, Metacomp Technologies, and Tecplot.

Of course, there will be four presentations from Pointwise folks sharing our perspective on the world of CFD meshing, recent technology developments from our Applied Research Team including work we’re doing on truly automatic meshing, and a peak at what we’ll be delivering in the next year or two.

But When Is This Week in CFD Returning?

Once we’ve put the Pointwise User Group Meeting 2018 in the rear-view mirror, I’ll be able to spend Thanksgiving Week getting caught up on many things but primarily getting ready to post This Week in CFD on Friday the 23rd, so-called “Black Friday” because of how notorious the day after Thanksgiving is for holiday shopping.

Now you’ll have to excuse me. I have a presentation to write for our UGM.

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