Still Time to Register for GMGW-2

opam-1-topAre you interested in seeing mesh generation for CFD improve? Do you want to see open and honest presentations about what can be done and where challenges remain? Do you want to be involved in early discussions on future CFD workshops and how they can be structured to collect data from which we can learn? Then I have a workshop for you coming in early January.

2nd AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop

GMGW-2 will be held on 5-6 January, the weekend prior to AIAA SciTech, in San Diego. Unlike GMGW-1 which was held in conjunction with the 3rd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop, this time around the geometry and meshing folks are on their own.

The workshop is being run by AIAA’s Meshing, Visualization, and Computational Environments technical committee and consists of three meshing cases and a mini-symposium.


  1. Exascale Meshing of NASA’s HL-CRM geometry model. On our path to exascale meshing let’s see how big meshes get before we start breaking things. (Read more.)
  2. Remeshing the HL-CRM. For those who missed GMGW-1 or those who want to see if things got any better, we’re going to repeat the GMGW-1 exercise. (Read more.)
  3. Parametric Remeshing of the OPAM-1. Rather than focus on one huge mesh, this exercise is about how quickly meshes can be regenerated when the design changes. (Read more.)

Mesh Effects on CFD Flow Solutions

With an eye toward future workshops, we’ll end GMGW-2 with a mini-symposium on how we design numerical experiments (i.e. future CFD workshops) such that the results allow us to answer what the effects of the mesh are on the CFD results.

This mini-symposium will begin with a presentation on the geometry model of the HL-CRM wind tunnel model currently being tested that will form the basis for the 4th AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop and the 3rd AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop.

Then there will be presentations and discussions about how CFD workshops can collect data from which conclusions about mesh effects can be made.


If you want to join us for the full two-days of GMGW-2, be certain to go now to AIAA’s website and officially register for the workshop.


A Free Option

If you’ll be attending SciTech and arriving Sunday afternoon, you can attend the mini-symposium without having to pay a dime. But we do ask that you let us know you’re coming so we can plan ahead. Just email

We hope to see you in San Diego. In the meantime, keep an eye on the workshop’s website,


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