The Meshy Award for 2018 Goes To…

meshy-2018-1aAt last month’s Pointwise User Group Meeting, several meshes competed for the coveted Meshy Award, the award that recognizes the mesh generated in Pointwise that best exhibits a combination of artistry and technical skill. The panel of judges reviewed and deliberated on all the meshes before settling on a winner.

Tim Weathers from CRAFT Tech

Tim Weathers from CRAFT Tech is the winner of the Meshy Award 2018 for his mixed-element unstructured grid of an advanced power system compressor.


Surface grids of the centrifugal impeller blades (red), splitter blades (blue), and diffuser vanes (orange).

Pointwise’s Rick Matus was one of the judges and cited Tim’s use of the grid types that locally best match the geometry, flow physics, and accuracy requirements, as one basis for selecting it as a winner.

Hybrid Mesh for a Compressor Test Loop

This mixed-element unstructured grid was constructed for CFD simulations of a compressor test loop as part of a study to develop an advanced real-fluid numerical framework for modeling supercritical CO2 based power cycles for advanced power systems.


Axial grid cuts of the T-Rex multi-element mesh in the impeller and diffuser sections.

This study employed the T-Rex hybrid meshing method for the impeller and diffuser components to generate the high quality CFD grids required for resolving the complex thermodynamics associated with these simulations.


All attendees at the Pointwise User Group Meeting 2018 walked away with a t-shirt festooned with the Meshy Award 2018 winner. Pointwise’s John Steinbrenner (left) displays the t-shirt and CRAFT Tech’s Jeremy Shipman holds the coveted Meshy Award trophy on behalf of his colleague, Tim Weathers. 

Be a Mesh Winner

Not everyone can be a Meshy winner. But your meshes can win by giving Pointwise a try. Request your free trial today.


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