Webinar: High-Order Mesh Generation Using Pointwise

version_18_2_high-order_webinar_closeupHere’s your opportunity to learn how to generate high-order meshes using the latest version of Pointwise. This on-demand webinar uses the Rotor 37 benchmark geometry as a test case to not only demonstrate mesh curving and degree elevation but several other new time-features in the software.

Last September’s release of Pointwise Version 18.2 included the ability to elevate a linear mesh up to polynomial degree four. In addition to simply elevating the polynomial degree, the mesh cells are curved to conform to the geometry model and that curvature is blended smoothly into the mesh’s interior.

These curved, high-order meshes are critical for use in flow solvers that use high-order numerical schemes to generate accurate solutions using fewer cells. We are currently advancing this capability under a NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 2 contract which, upon completion, will yield vastly more capability for inclusion in the production software.


A Q2 high-order mesh was generated for the NASA Rotor 37 geometry. The primary nodes (red) and inserted nodes (blue) can be seen both for the curved surface mesh elements, as well as for a slice taken through the volume mesh.

In the on-demand webinar High-Order Mesh Generation Using Pointwise, you’ll┬álearn how to elevate and curve a mesh using the Rotor 37 geometry as an example.

Because high-order meshing in Pointwise starts from the linear mesh, this webinar will also show you how to apply other new capabilities in Pointwise V18.2 to rapidly generate that starting point.

Watch High-Order Mesh Generation in Pointwise today.



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