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cosimThis week’s news includes a long-ish read about recommendations for the “model-based enterprise” and several events to add to your CFD calendar for later this year. And among the many applications of CFD is this crosswind solution from MSC’s announcement of CoSim.

News & Software

  • ASME published the ASME Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Recommendation Report with a goal to “guide initial activities, direction, and priorities of MBE Subcommittees and relevant standards.”
  • CCE released EnSuite 2019, their geometry model viewing and translating software.
  • MSC CoSim was launched to provide a framework for easily performing multi-disciplinary simulations within MSC’s suite of products. Read more at MSC’s website. [The applications displayed there are pretty cool.]
  • Our friends at ANSYS seem to have had an outstanding 2018 Q4 with revenue of $415 million and profit of $153 million. [To put that in perspective, this article claims that Apple’s daily profit is $127 million. Stew on that for a minute.]



Thanks to alert reader Joe for this photo of unstructured mesh chairs with a Cartesian background grid in a Budapest Metro station.



This CF-Mesh+ mesh was used for an OpenFOAM simulation of the DrivAer automotive benchmark case. Image from 

CFD for…


CFD-computed streamlines for the Vandal One R. Image from See link above.

Immersed in Mesh

Give a fashion designer 10,000 feet of blue rope and the help of design collective Numen and what do you get? At London’s Fashion Week you get The Tube, a woven installation through which visitors are encouraged to climb. Designer Anya Hindmarch has created a playful counterpoint to fashion week’s overt seriousness. First seen on


Anya Hindmarch & Numen, The Tube, 2019. Image from See links above.

Bonus: HBR wrote about the subtle stressors making women leave engineering. The article focuses on hard (technical) and soft (management, communication) skills in engineering and perceived bias that women are directed to the latter. I’d like to read our women readers’ reactions to this article in the comments below.

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2 Responses to This Week in CFD

  1. Hi John,
    Interesting article. It’s taken me a long time to realise that embracing my personality and specific skills, regardless of their ‘gender’ is good for both me and also for the others around me – men and women. I’m certainly aware of valuing the ‘hard-core’ technical skills more highly than the ‘softer’ management or communication skills and now I’m aware, am trying to develop a more balanced attitude. Good to see this content in your blog, I’ll be looking out for the other responses too.
    All the best

    • John Chawner says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Althea. I too think the concept of gender-specific skills within an engineering organization is quite antiquated. And I infer that you and I agree that both hard and soft skills are needed in an organization and – more importantly – within the same person.

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