CFD 2030 at AIAA Aviation

voxels-for-cfd2030-at-aviationThe CFD 2030 Integration Committee is hosting a special session at this summer’s AIAA Aviation Forum on five years of progress toward the CFD 2030 Vision since the study’s publication.

This summer’s AIAA Aviation is being held just down the road from Pointwise World HQ in our sister city of Dallas on 17-21 June.

On Monday afternoon of that week (according to the current schedule) the CFD 2030 Integration Committee will host a special session titled Progress Towards CFD Vision 2030 in order to assess progress in the five years since the CFD Vision 2030 Study was published in 2014.

Here’s the current line-up of presenters.

NASA Aeronautics and CFD 2030 by John Cavolowky

Progress Towards CFD Vision 2030 – An Industrial Perspective for Air and Space Vehicle Applications by Jeff Slotnick

High Performance Computing Towards CFD Vision 2030 by Eric Nielsen

Progress in CFD Discretizations, Algorithms and Solvers for Aerodynamic Flows by Dimitri Mavriplis

Progress in Geometry Modeling and Mesh Generation Toward the CFD Vision 2030 by John Chawner and Nigel Taylor

Turbulence Prediction in Aerospace CFD: Reality and the Vision 2030 Roadmap by Philippe Spalart and Michael Strelets

This session promises to be quite engrossing as the presenters pack five years of progress in their respective area of expertise into each 30-minute presentation.

If you’d like to learn more about the CFD Vision 2030 and the Integration Committee head over to

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