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orca-5415Today’s post should be called This Week in Applied CFD because it’s virtually all applications of CFD or meshing or visualization. This is actually a good thing because use of CFD to obtain engineering data is what it’s all about. Shown here is an Orca3D CFD result for the DTMB 5415 hull.


  • If you’ve published work that uses the SU2 flow solver they’d like to add it to the SU2 publications list on their website.
  • Take an hour to watch this video on Orca3D Marine CFD.

CFD for a ship’s propeller. Image from

More Applications


CFD for cleanrooms. Image from

Still More Applications


Come for the simulation of soap films, stay for the insets of deforming meshes. Screen capture of a video by Da, Batty, Wojtan, and Grinspun: Double Bubbles San Toil and Trouble. Read their paper here.

You Guessed It: More Applications

  • Use of Tecplot for visualizing CFD results for coastal estuaries.
  • ICYMI, yesterday we posted about the Flow Visualization Showcase at AIAA Aviation this June in Dallas. If you will be presenting at Aviation and have a cool flow viz video, enter ASAP (or by 19 April which is kinda ASAP).

Application of structured grids for turbine blades from our friends at GridPro

2-D, 3-D, Painting, Sculpture

Frank Stella said a painter is always trying to paint the third dimension. Pablo Picasso said that sculpture is the best comment a painter can make on painting. So what do we make of Lydia Okumara‘s Five Sides (shown below) as installed in the ZKM Museum of Sculpture?

As CFDers we work daily with simulating the 3-D world around us through the flat window of our 2-D computer screens. Do our flow visualizations create the sense of 3-D space that Okumara’s painting does?


Lydia Okumura, Five Sides, 2019. Image from artist’s website. See links above.

Bonus: Physicists and fans of the textile arts should both enjoy reading how knitting is inspiring the development of metamaterials for aerospace and other industries.

Double Bonus: Alert reader Nick found this impressive, hand-crafted, mesquite wood desk on sale for $2,600. There’s a wood, dual, knot, Voronoi joke in here somewhere but I can’t find it.


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    There’s a wood, dual, knot, Voronoi joke in here somewhere but I can’t find it.
    It would probably go against the grain, John!

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