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Large_Eddy_Simulation_With_Adaptive_Mesh_RefinementThis week’s roundup of CFD news is full of even more things to read including the latest installment of a series comparing different CFD software and the latest from an NSF funded effort to create a new CFD software infrastructure. Then there’s reading about writing and writing about reading. It’s all very meta. The image shown here is a CONVERGE CFD result from Resolved Analytic’s comparison of semi-comprehensive CFD software.

Reading and Writing

  • In Part 3 of their Comparing CFD Software series, Resolved Analytics takes on semi-comprehensive software like COMSOL and CONVERGE.
  • Food for thought: is active voice bad for technical writing? Like everything in communications it comes down to knowing your audience and knowing how to address them effectively (i.e. help them understand).
  • Nature wants to give software its due by ensuring it is properly cited in publications.
  • The University of Colorado Boulder is working with an NSF grant toward a new fluid dynamics software infrastructure. They held a workshop earlier this month and the results are posted online.
  • How to read and summarize a technical paper. This seems like a really good approach that I ought to adopt. [Not to nitpick but I read the abstract first, the conclusions second, and skim the paper for figures and their captions (because captions should not be ornamental). Only if I’m still interested do I go back to the introduction and begin reading. Of course, this is just my opinion and preference. I could be wrong.]



  • SolidWorks shares tips on which computers to choose for running CAD but most (all?) of these tips apply to CFD too. For example, when it comes to graphics cards it’s worth it to bypass the gaming cards and go right to a professional card.
  • Google Cloud Services is now Anthos. [I had to look this up. Anthos is a 5th century tragedy by Agathon and a god figure from the Guardians of the Galaxy. I’d prefer it to be the lost tragedy because whenever I see “Marvel” I go zzzzzzz.]

CFD for…


CFD for lobsters. source


  • Stokes200, a celebration of Sir George Gabriel Stokes’ contributions to science on the 200th anniversary of his birth, will be held on 15-18 September 2019 at Cambridge.
  • The CAESES Users Meeting 2019 will be held in Berlin on 18-20 September 2019.
  • NAFEMS’ CAASE20, the Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering, will be held in Indianapolis on 16-18 June 2020.

Facets in Architecture

For unknown reasons, my feed in the last week filled up with examples of facets in architecture.


The proposed design for Public Sky at Buffalo’s Albright-Knox museum of art. The International Meshing Roundtable will be in Buffalo this coming October and with the A-K planning a two-year closure for renovations the IMR is a perfect opportunity to squeeze in one last visit.


Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore.


The Salvador Dali Museum is proposing a $38 million expansion.

Bonus: Thanks to alert reader Ray for sharing this article about Friedrich Froebel, inventor of kindergarten. I bet you’ll be as surprised as I was to learn that kindergarten was banned in Prussia in 1851 for encouraging “liberal thought.” I’ll also bet you’re wondering about this relevance of this article to this blog. The teaching methods Froebel instituted may be the reason you look at a piece of 20th century art and think that your kindergartener could do it.

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