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Simulation-of-a-VIP-latrine-with-SimScale-391This week’s This Week includes the most eclectic set of CFD applications I can recall, from the usual race cars and rockets to teeth, noses, and dinosaur necks. (One of those eclectic applications is shown here: ventilation of a latrine using SimScale. I don’t even want to know what the red color represents.) In addition to the usual software releases the SU2 folks have created a foundation to help move their open-source code forward. And there’s a trio of meshing articles and a trio of job openings. We lead off with several Pointwise news items which isn’t our usual style but there are things we think you might want to know about. 

News from Pointwise

CFD for…


CFD and wind tunnel results for NASA’s SLS. Image from See link below.

Grids and Meshes


There’s still something mesmerizing about a structured grid on complex geometry. Image from See link below.

  • Our friends at GridPro describe how they generate structured grids for objects with a large number of cooling holes such as a turbine blade. See image above.
  • How to choose your mesh size for FEA simulation. [Hint: Do a mesh convergence study as part of your V&V.]
  • Oh, you want advice on choosing mesh size for CFD? Here’s some from LEAP Australia using ANSYS for a race car.

News, Events, & Jobs


Cooling airflow for a graphics card. Image from See link below.


  • CAESES 4.4.2 was released.
  • Fans of the open source CFD solver SU2 should sign up for the SU2 Foundation.
  • Resurf v3.022, point cloud to NURBS software, was released.
  • ENGYS released HELYX v3.1.2.
  • COOLFluiD “(Computational Object-Oriented Libraries for Fluid Dynamics) is a component- based framework for scientific high-performance computing, CFD and multi-physics applications, originally developed at the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics.”

Wright Facets

Who knew? Famous for his architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright was involved in textile design. And facets. To see more, head to NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art for Frank Lloyd Wright Textiles: The Taliesin Line, 1955-60.


Frank Lloyd Wright, Sample, Design 706, Printed Duck, 1955. Image from See link above.

Sad Bonus: I was saddened to learn earlier this week that the Red Bull Air Race Championship will not be continued after the 2019 season which itself has been shortened by cancellation of the only U.S. event (Indianapolis, October). I’ve made no secret of the fact that ground-based motorsports don’t really get my engine running (sorry for the pun) but I loved the Red Bull Air Race. Enjoy this video on the raceplanes of the Red Bull Air Race.

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