High-Order, Curved Meshes for More Accurate CFD Solutions

Main ImageIt is a relatively simple concept: the higher a mesh’s fidelity, the more accurate the solution, and the more accurate the solution, the lower the program uncertainty and expense. As with many such concepts, however, implementation is not so simple or easy. Read more about how high-order, curved meshes are contributing to higher fidelity CFD.

Pointwise recently released the first commercial mesher for generating high-order, curved meshes for high Reynolds number flows. It works with today’s new, high-order CFD solvers to yield the most accurate solutions possible. Flow solvers that use high-order, curved meshes require less memory and CPU time than existing methods, scale well on parallel computing clusters, and offer increased flexibility for mesh adaption to decrease grid points and file size.


You can read the full case study and watch the presentation by Dr. Ryan Glasby from the University of Tennessee Joint Institute for Computational Sciences on our website.


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