Pointwise V18.3 Now Available

voxel-cropPointwise Version 18.3 is now available for download and production use. New in V18.3 is the ability to fill the interior of an unstructured block with regular hexahedra.

This hex-core capability begins outside the layer of near-wall prisms or hexahedra generated by T-Rex and can be successively refined to the outer boundary. Use of regular hexahedra in the mesh can improve the CFD flow solver’s rate of convergence and accuracy of the resulting solution. An added benefit is a potential reduction in overall cell count.


This flow solution for NASA’s Common Research Model was computed by CRAFT Tech using their CRUNCH CFD solver on a hex-core mesh from Pointwise V18.3.

Other new benefits in V18.3 include the following.

  • A desired turning angle can be specified in a 2D T-Rex wall boundary condition when initializing an unstructured domain.
  • The new “Automatic” distribution function allows connectors to derive their dimension and distribution from underlying and nearby database curvature and local sources.
  • The Sync Spacings command now considers 2D T-Rex wall spacing when computing minimum, maximum or average spacing at a node.
  • The Examine command has been redesigned for ease of use. The most commonly used features of Examine now appear in the first tab of the command. Other tabs have been somewhat reorganized and to a lesser extent, simplified.
  • Pointwise supports export of MeshLink files when exporting CAE to the CGNS, FUN3D, or Kestrel format.
  • Point cloud sources can be imported directly from File, Import, Sources menu.
  • This feature allows the user to assemble quilt boundaries while quilts are being assembled.
  • Improvements to the unstructured domain solver attributes for minimum and/or maximum equilateral edge lengths have been made to work better with maximum angle and maximum deviation attributes.
  • A new Shortcut Manager has been added to the Preferences task allowing users to customize the assignment of keyboard shortcuts to commands.

IMPORTANT: Version 18.3 requires a new activation key. Request yours at http://www.pointwise.com/licenses.

Read more about Pointwise V18.3 on our website.



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