Mesh Effects for CFD Solutions at AIAA Aviation

li-airfoil-mesh-gmgw2It’s not a workshop but it follows in the tradition of the first two AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshops. Mesh Effects for CFD Solutions will be one or more special sessions at AIAA Aviation 2020 during which authors will quantify what makes a suitable mesh for a relatively simple benchmark case. Shown here is a cut through a mesh for a multi-element wing from GMGW-2 by Pei Li.

If you attended GMGW-2 at AIAA SciTech 2019 you were part of the mini-symposium on Mesh Effects on CFD Flow solutions. (Even if you didn’t attend, you can see three presentations here.) The breakout sessions during the mini-symposium grappled with the issue of identifying and quantifying what makes one mesh better or more suitable than another.

The special sessions planned for AIAA Aviation 2020 are a direct result of the mini-symposium. The goal is to arrive at better gridding guidelines for future AIAA CFD workshops.

The Challenge

Participants in the special sessions at AIAA Aviation 2020 are asked to perform a systematic investigation of what mesh characteristics constitute a best practice mesh for a 2-D multi-element airfoil (a cut through the wing of NASA’s High-Lift Common Research Model) for their flow solver using a Spalart-Almaras (SA) or Spalart-Almaras Negative (SA-Neg) turbulence model.


The benchmark problem for Mesh Effects for CFD Solutions is a 2-D multi-element airfoil.

Papers should describe how the mesh was varied and correlate those mesh characteristics with solution accuracy and convergence.

The resulting best practice mesh should be documented in sufficient detail for another practitioner to replicate the results.

Submit Your Abstract to AIAA

Get all the details for Mesh Effects for CFD Solutions from the GMGW website.

But because this isn’t a workshop and is a normal technical session at AIAA Aviation 2020 you must submit your abstract to AIAA by 07 November. See the details at AIAA’s call for papers website.

Hope to see you in Reno.


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