This Week in CFD

velovettaThis week’s CFD news includes an amazing simulation of a Mars lander done with FUN3D and a couple of interesting job openings from our friends at Siemens. And from the world of unique CFD applications comes the one shown here from VeloVetta for cycling shoes.

The Beginning


CFD application of the week goes to this aerobraking simulation for Mars atmospheric entry computed using NASA’s FUN3D flow solver. The video at the link is worth watching. [I had to stare at this image for quite some time to convince myself it wasn’t a photo of a test.]

Pointwise News


  • I found this online last week and immediately put it to use. Maybe you’ll find it helpful too. David Barber’s Tetrahedron Calculator. [Which raises the question, why didn’t I think of this?]
  • Beta CAE released v20.0.1 of their software suite.

Streamlines through a blood vessel and aneurysm in an article from CFD Consultants about “a research project to develop a CFD-based method for the detection of cerebral vulnerable aneurysm regions.”

Jobs & More


Students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, used COMSOL to simulate their entry in the Hyperloop Pod Competition

Ghost in the Mesh

Just the appearance alone compelled me to purchase the Ghost Cube from MoMA’s Design Store. Not only does it have a faceted, mesh-like appearance but I’ve always had an interest in simple, black and white design. It’s a nice addition to my collection of faceted things.


The Ghost Cube, a black-and-white, unstructured mesh version of the Rubik’s Cube structured grid. See links above.


On the other hand, I hate puzzles like this. I was never able to solve a regular Rubik’s Cube.




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  1. Ahmed Kabil says:

    I can help you with the Rubik’s cube. I’ve solved thousands of them, in different forms.
    I only need to hold it in my hands, not virtually.
    Sorry 🙁

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