25 Years of CFD Meshing

25Years-onlyWhile you were enjoying your day off yesterday, Pointwise silently turned 25 years old. We had already celebrated with a lot of you at the reception we hosted at AIAA Aviation this summer in Dallas. (If only that rainstorm hadn’t delayed so many flights.)

So today’s posting is just a bit of quiet reflection on the last two and half decades. While I wish I could “wow” you with an emotional and visionary origin story, I cannot. John Steinbrenner and I simply decided in 1994 that we didn’t want to set aside the previous 7-10 years we had spent writing the Gridgen software. And besides, how much damage could we do if Pointwise, Inc. crashed and burned after a year?

As luck would have it, not only didn’t we crash and burn after a year, we found ourselves needing a third partner to handle the work. Enter Rick Matus.


But honestly, I’d rather think more about the next 5 years and our 30th anniversary than what’s behind us. Thank you to all of you – employees, customers, partners, and the CFD world at large – for all your contributions to the first 25. We look forward to where the future takes all of us. And maybe this quote from Andrew Carnegie sums it up best.

There is little success where there is little laughter.

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  1. Kelly Londenberg says:

    Having known you since our GD days, I never doubted your success! You’ve got a great tool and great people supporting and developing it. Congratulations!

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