Open Position in the Field of Discrete Geometry

shutterstock_766071451 (1)Pointwise is seeking to add a Software Engineer to our product development team specifically in the area of computational geometry, especially discrete geometry. Experience with C++ programming is highly desirable.

Are you an engineer who likes to program? Or a programmer who likes physics? We’re looking for someone like that to advance our software’s capabilities for working with discrete geometry models.

STL files, 3D scans, and point clouds pose some unique challenges for mesh generation. That wouldn’t be so bad if discrete geometry models weren’t also becoming more popular for use in CFD simulations. Yes, it’s like meshing on top of a mesh.

If that challenge excites you then perhaps our Software Engineer position is for you. We’re open to anyone from entry level to folks with more work experience. So click through to the detailed job description and application today. We look forward to hearing from you.


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