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3dprint-mesh-branchFor this last roundup of CFD news for January we find several job announcements, new software releases, interesting articles about meshing, and my favorite, “must see” CFD image of 2020 so far. The image here shows how Branch Technology 3D prints meshes.

From Pointwise Worldwide HQ

This and That


An example of mesh morphing in RBFMorph before (left) and after (right) for a screw in a patient’s vertebra. Image from See link below.

  • The benefits of mesh morphing are explained by the creator of RBF Morph in an article from Design News.
  • GE Global Research in New York State seeks an Aerodynamics Engineer to perform CFD and other tasks.
  • The ASSESS Initiative and the Aerospace System Design Lab at Georgia Tech are collaborating the Digital Twins Forum, 7-8 July 2020 at Georgia Tech.
  • Tecplot Visualization Day will be held at KU Leuven on 05 February.
  • The deadline for submitting your abstract to the 11th International Conference on CFD has been extended to 18 February.
  • Speaking of ASSESS, their membership initiative is open and for only $200 you get access to all of their work and $100 off registration for this year’s congress.



IMAGE OF THE MONTH – This is my favorite CFD image of 2020 so far. Thank you, Simcenter STAR-CCM+. It makes me happy just to look at it. Being a child of the 1970s, the color palette gives me a groovy, hippy, trippy vibe. So take a moment to read about their AMR capabilities. And yes, I flipped the image around because flow goes from left to right, dammit.

  • SU2 v7.0.1 was released with a hybrid OpenMP/MPI implementation and more.
  • What’s new in Simcenter FLOEFD 2019.4.
  • DEVELOP3D wrote a deep review of Materialise Magics 24 and its capabilities for 3D printing.
  • This week I learned about Dive Solutions who offer a web-based SPH fluid dynamics capability.

Try to convince me that someone at Siemens isn’t a fan of Takashi Murakami (compare to image above). Don’t make me draw happy faces on all those poly cells. If I Could Reach That Field of Flowers, I Would Die Happy, 2010. Image from

CFD for…

Yates Electrospace Corporation

CFD simulation of a new 48-foot wingspan cargo drone. Image from See link below.

Woven Space

Thanks to alert reader Thomas for pointing me at the work of Japanese artist Tanabe Chikuunsai IV who creates woven bamboo installations. Like any form of weaving, the analogy with meshing is obvious. (In fact, there’s a meshing technique called whisker weaving.)


Closeup view of one of Chikuunsai’s works. Image from

These works as installed in museums create a tension between the old and modern, the organic and inorganic, and definitely between the spatial hierarchies of what’s inside and what’s outside and whether the sculpture’s intrusion into the room is benign.


Connection, Japan House, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Image from artist’s website.

Be certain to watch this time-lapse video of one particular piece being assembled and installed.

Bonus: From Futility Closet comes this triangle trivia. How many pairs of right and isosceles triangles with rational edge lengths have both the same area and perimeter? The answer may surprise you.

Throwback Friday: That time in 2018 when Pointwise’s adaptive mesh refinement earned the cover of Aerospace America.


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