Pointwise Enables Revolutionary Building Construction

Fig2-Geometry-Structured-Mesh-800x450Pointwise is broadly recognized as a leader in CFD (computational fluid dynamics) meshing but how about as a leader in enabling 3D printing of large-scale structures? Using Pointwise for structured mesh generation enables Branch Technology to increase reliability of their 3D printing process while simultaneously decreasing the time to generate printer instructions.

Have you ever held a mesh in real life? I never thought I would. In fact, the question at first seems absurd. A mesh is just a dataset on a computer, completely intangible.


Well, not so fast. In perhaps the most unique and innovative application of mesh generation I have ever seen, mesh generation is being used to drive 3D printing at architectural scale to create revolutionary structures and buildings like the Design Miami Pavilion shown below.


All the details about how Branch Technology makes meshing real are included in the case study Pointwise Enables Revolutionary Building Construction on our website. Check it out – and be amazed that Pointwise’s meshes are in at least two museums.



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