This Week in CFD

DeepLungModelIt seems this week that CFD stands for Covid-19 Fueled Disarray. But enough of that. Even though this week’s CFD news is a tad light, there are several really cool grid pictures. Shown here is a model of the lungs for CFD simulation from the University of Cypress.



There’s just something appealing about structured grids as illustrated in this grid for a parachute by our friends at GridPro.

CFD for…

1024x614 - MixedMeh19_CaseStudy_1

Read the case study “Application of Pointwise T-Rex Meshing and CFD Modeling to the Analysis of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (S-CO2) Power Cycles

Mesh Generative Art

Some believe abstract art is outside the realm of technology. Some believe (perhaps rightly) that I am predisposed to see meshes everywhere. Thomas Lin Pederson‘s generative art is the counterargument to both those positions. The self-proclaimed “data imaginist” and computational biologist now creates generative art using tools he develops for R. Here’s what he wrote about his process: “the sweet spot of generative art lies in creating a system that you know well enough to set it up for success, but is so complex that you still get surprised when you see the result.” Not only am I surprised by his results, I’m very much pleased with them, especially those with a mesh motif as unfold08 shown below.


Thomas Lin Pederson, unfold08. Image from artist’s website. See link above.

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