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tire_fuel_6You get the bare bones version of CFD news today because WordPress’ post editor lost my virtually completed first draft and, honestly, it used up all my authoring for today. Here’s an eye-catching image from a Simulia article about tire design for fuel economy.

Read a case study from our friends at CRAFT Tech on meshing requirements for simulation of supercritical carbon dioxide power cycles.

We added a brief overview video about Pointwise to our YouTube channel, CFD Meshing.

CFD and towing tanks.


Speaking of CFD for water, this image from Surface Libre‘s blog illustrating the use of different simulation tools for different hydraulic applications is quite nice, don’t you think?

Sigmetrix announced computer-based GD&T training that could be used in engineering classes.

How use of simulation for tire design can improve fuel economy.

NVIDIA released Nsight Graphics 2020.2, which looks like a profiler for graphics applications.


Not mesh art. These are ventilation ducts positioned over and underground power substation through which hot air is vented.

CFD for racing bike handlebars.

Aviation Week and AIAA announced the 20 Twenties, young, rising stars in the aerospace world. It’s significant that 14 of the 20 awardees are female.

Our friends at Applied CCM guest-blogged an article about mesh adaptation using Pointwise and Caelus.


Simulation of the fit and drape of a linen dress. From the paper Mixing Yarn and Triangles in Cloth Simulation by Casafranca et al.

SIMULIA launched PowerFLOW 2020.

Tech Soft 3D launched their Innovation Lab, an online portal for “R&D projects, new tool kits, prerelease code, and more.”

Watch this Instagram video demonstrating the LiDAR camera on the new iPad Pro for some meshing goodness at around 50 seconds.


Patrick O’Donnell, The Great Migration 2 (Ulster Leg). Image from the artist’s website. The artist explores “the perception of two-dimensional space and three-dimensional form, hovering somewhere between the two.”



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