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gpu-cfd-bldgThis week’s CFD news is exploding with applications including ones with cool or curious imagery. And on the topic of curiosities to ponder, read whether 3MF is the new STL. Shown here is a CFD simulation of flow around a building computed on GPUs.



Click through and read the article otherwise you’ll never guess how much fuel is saved when you stow the wiper blades vertically versus horizontally on a KC-135. But try to guess anyway before you go to the article – percent fuel saved at cruise. Image from [Also, this is a funky visualization and it’s unclear what we’re looking at.]

We don’t need no…


CFD simulation of how the splitter plate manages which flow goes under the Brabham BT62. Image from

…stinking headings.


Simulating wing stall on DarkAero’s kit aircraft using Simscale. Image from

Except this one.

Certainly one of the more widely known and appreciated artists of the modern grid motif is Victor Vasarely who is credited as the founder of Op (optical) Art. Perhaps his early day job as a graphic designer is one reason why his art is so accessible. Somewhere I have covers cut from scientific magazines that feature his work. And somewhere, in a frame, is one of my earliest art purchases, a Vasarely poster.


Victor Vasarely, VP Surke, 1973.

Bonus: Quanta’s interview with Donald Knuth reveals his approach to work. “My scheduling principle is to do the thing I hate most on my to-do list. By week’s end, I’m very happy.”

Double Bonus: If Programming Languages Had Honest Slogans. For example, Python’s is “We’ve made it possible to write pseudo-code in real even if you don’t understand it. Not a semicolon or a bracket but extra whitespace is all it takes to cause chaos.”

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