Solution-Based Mesh Adaptation with Pointwise and ANSYS CFX – Webinar Recording

Webinar-QA-Mesh-Adapt-hub-meshThe recording of our recent webinar, “Solution-Based Mesh Adaptation with Pointwise and ANSYS CFX” is now available for you to watch on-demand. Hosted by Pointwise’s  Nick Wyman and Steve Karman with special guest Paul Galpin from ISimQ, the video shows how adaptation can help you control the discretization error in your simulations.

Pointwise provides a solver-independent mesh adaptation method that refines the mesh according to information from the flow solver while also ensuring that surface mesh points adhere to the geometry model.


From this webinar you’ll learn how to use mesh adaptation to efficiently resolve a flowfield, how to resolve a flowfield by adding grid points or elevating the polynomial degree, and how to enable user-independent CFD solutions.

Curious about how all this works? The video is ready for you to watch now.


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