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windshipcfd-cropThis week’s CFD news begins with two surveys that should yield interesting results, one on HPC and the other on CAD and teams. There’s A LOT of new software releases including CFD codes new to me: Wildkatze and CFDSOF. byteLAKE shares more about their approach using AI for CFD and published research looks at CFD code performance on different supercomputer architectures. All this good stuff and more. And the image of the week is… animated. Shown here is a CFD simulation of the Windship concept by Cape Horn Engineering.


  • Digital Engineering is running a survey on HPC Usage for Simulation. [HPC is a big part of the CFD Vision 2030 so it will be cool to see these results.]
  • Tech-Clarity is running a survey on CAD Design in Teams.
  • Congratulations to FYFD for 10 years of blogging about all that flows. [I remember meeting Nicole for the first time when she visited Pointwise to share her PhD research and her work on FYFD.]



From a Femto Engineering case study about underwater exhaust from yachts with simulation by STAR-CCM+. Image from [I wish there was a bigger version of this image.]

Business & Jobs

  • Tecplot acquired Stat-Ease and their design of experiments software. [That’s the highly simplified version. Stat-Ease was acquired by Vela Software through its Tecplot subsidiary which also owns FieldView while Vela is in turn owned by Constellation.]
  • The developers of Gmsh will work with Numeca to create a commercial version called Gmsh-Pro.
  • In writing about Dassault Systemes’ latest financial results, Monica Schnitger reports that DS’ “licenses and other software revenue will be down about 17% cc from last year.”
  • The Norwegian University of Science and Technology has two openings for PhD positions in ship hydrodynamics.


  • Tecplot 360 2020 R1 includes “the most significant update to [their] GUI” in six years.
  • The OpenFOAM Foundation released OpenFOAM 8.
  • New [to me] is the CFD solver Wildkatze, “a general purpose three-dimensional CFD software package with robust Finite Volume and Finite Difference solvers, preprocessing module, and Multiphysics models for a wide range of industrial problems.”
  • CFDSOF is said to be the first CFD software developed from Indonesia.
  • Onshape recently introduced Onshape Education Enterprise for managing the large-scale deployment of Onshape across an entire university.
  • Read about why AirShaper exists from the people who created AirShaper. [Spoiler: “using a fast & flexible simulation tool in the early stages of design quickly sets you off on the right track.”]
  • ANSYS 2020 R2 was released with so many new things you’ll have to read the full article.
  • TransMagic R12 SP3 includes new PMI capabilities and more.
  • C3D Toolkit 2020 was released.
  • Solid Edge now supports SubD (subdivision surface) modeling.
  • preCICE v2.1.0 was released.

A new vector spacing option is just one of the new features in Tecplot 360 2020 R1. Image from See link above.

CFD for…


IMAGE OF THE WEEK [and not just because it’s animated]: A CERFACS-led team has completed the “first full engine computation with large eddy simulation resources.” Image from  Read more from


  • Part 3 of byteLAKE’s plan to use AI for CFD. “Our strategy is to replace the numerical solvers with equivalent AI models or enable interaction between AI and solvers for much faster analysis and reduced cost of trial & error experiments.”
  • Here’s Visualizing Data’s best of the visualization web for April 2020.
  • Congratulations to Branch Technology for being named to ASME’s list of 10 Smart Startups. Branch Tech uses 3D printing to create customized architectural components.
  • An OpenFOAM CFD simulation was used to demonstrate that Panasas’ new parallel file system halved the run time versus network attached storage.
  • A study done by researchers at the Barcelona Supercomputer Center showed how a CFD code performed across three very different supercomputers. [Spoiler: it can be very compiler dependent.] Read all the details in Benchmarking of State-of-the-Art HPC Clusters with a Production CFD Code.

Interactive Meshing

I don’t know how or why, but someone did this and now I want to do it also.


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