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ntop-cfx-heat-exchangerThis week’s CFD news begins with a new entrant in the commercial CFD software field, Azore CFD. I hope our academic readers will read and comment on an article about requirements for CFD software for academic use. And although applied CFD is associated with things that fly, it’s not usually applied to chickens and pigeons. Shown here is a portion of a mesh generated for an advanced oil cooler designed in nTop with CFD done with CFX, an application article that you will enjoy reading.


  • Azore CFD was launched earlier this week for applications from HVAC to pollution control and heat exchangers. The software is licensed on a monthly subscription plan with reduced rates to support the software’s launch including free use of the basic plan through October 2020.
  • Airshaper provides a bit of context as to where their software fits into the larger world of CFD. [In which we read that CFD does not stand for crunchy fried donuts.] [I’m getting a bit of deja vu that I’ve shared this article before.]
  • FlowVision 3.12.01 was released with many new features including “very viscous flow” and a new icing model.
  • Particle in Cell updated CTSP, the Contamination Transport Simulation Program.
  • ParaView 5.8.1 was released.
  • DEVELOP3D reviewed ANSYS Discovery 2021 and came away impressed. “What you also get is a far deeper understanding of the behaviour of a product – the kind of understanding typically associated with more traditional, tried-and-tested simulation tools.” [In which we also read that “only perverts and additive manufacturing vendors are going to pretend that anyone in real life would take results from a topology optimisation routine and manufacture their product straight off.” I spent too much time thinking about the implications.]

Visualization of an Azore CFD solution for a quench tank. Image from See link above.



CFD for a goat. [Is this caption even necessary?] source



CFD: “Am I just a joke to you?” source [This is the “before” version of the next image.]

CFD for…


CFD for grilling a chicken. Image from See link above.

Applied CFD Featuring Pointwise

Geometric Art

To love mesh generation one must love geometry. And I’d hope that a lover of the mathematics of geometry would also love the art of geometry. Fortunately, there’s a nexus of geometric art in Dallas, the Museum of Geometry and MADI Art. One work from their collection that has a strong unstructured mesh vibe is Gregory DubusResiste Small (shown below).


Gregory Dubus, Resiste Small, 2017. Image from See link above.


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