Day 2 of “Five Days of Pointwise” – Enhance Volume Mesh Quality with Surface Mesh Adaptation

Pointwise today announced a limited time release of the video, “Enhance Volume Mesh Quality with Surface Mesh Adaptation,” which shows you how to employ easy-to-use surface mesh adaptation to enhance volume mesh quality between surfaces in close proximity. Starting today, the video will be available for up to a week after the Five Days of Pointwise event ends.

Go to to watch the video.

Turbomachinery tip gaps, aircraft wing slats and flaps, and small internal flow passages are just a small subset of the geometries with surfaces in proximity that present challenges for constructing a high-quality volume mesh. Often these surfaces have very different mesh resolution requirements, and this can necessitate a large jump in volume-element size. As a result, highly stretched or skewed elements can be created between the two surfaces and this has a negative impact on mesh quality and ultimately simulation solution accuracy and convergence. In this video, we demonstrate how to effectively use surface mesh adaptation to overcome these challenges and improve overall mesh quality.

In this video, discover how to:

• Effectively use surface mesh adaptation to improve volume mesh quality.
• Adapt grid curves to achieve a smooth, fully adapted surface mesh.
• Select grid entities to act as sources for surface mesh adaptation.

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