Day 3 of “Five Days of Pointwise” – Solved: Structured-Style Surface Meshing for Thin Features

Pointwise today announced a limited time release of the video, “Solved: Structured-Style Surface Meshing for Thin Features,” which will teach you how to efficiently resolve narrow surfaces with mapped unstructured meshes. Starting today, the video will be available for up to a week after the Five Days of Pointwise event ends.

Go to to watch the video.

Getting the quality of a structured grid in an unstructured mesh on a thin surface just became considerably easier. Now the two grids can be linked so that changes in the mesh topology or changes to the distribution of grid points will no longer destroy their structured nature. That regular, structured nature will persist in the unstructured mesh as you move forward with your meshing project.

Discover how to:

• Create an unstructured surface mesh from an existing structured surface grid.
• Link those two surface meshes together for persistent cell topology.
• Automatically substitute the new unstructured surface mesh for its linked partner in a block

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