Day 4 of “Five Days of Pointwise” – Five Ways to More Accurately Resolve Your Geometry

Pointwise today announced a limited time release of the video, “Five Ways to More Accurately Resolve Your Geometry ,” which shows you how to increase simulation accuracy with fewer cells using Pointwise. Starting today, the video will be available for up to a week after the Five Days of Pointwise event ends.

Go to to watch the video.

Aerodynamic control surfaces often have a variety of geometrical features that need to be resolved smoothly and to certain standards but without incurring high cell counts. Pointwise has several high aspect ratio mesh controls that help increase your simulation accuracy with fewer cells. Watch this video where multiple approaches will be demonstrated to not only resolve complex geometric features with fewer cells but also to improve the resulting surface mesh quality.

Discover how to create anisotropic surface meshes that:

• resolve geometry with an explicit edge length or turning angle,
• resolve geometry based on curvature, and
• maintain surface and volume cell smoothness across sharp feature edges.

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