This Week in CFD

As we approach the end of 2020 (good riddance), the CFD news is flooding in. This week, in what is largely an unstructured listing, there are plenty of software and event announcements and several seasonal CFD simulations. And you’re gonna wanna [pardon the patois] read the Siemens article on fun CFD simulations (with STAR-CCM+) such as the Delorean shown here.


First came Creo Simulation Live and now there’s Creo Ansys Simulation with high-fidelity solvers. Image is a screen capture of a video at [OK, I’ll ask – how long before these two companies are one company?]


A mesh consisting of a mix of unstructured, hybrid, and structured grid types generated using Pointwise in 2013. The capability probably predates this image by a decade.

Unsorted Stuff

Simulation of spray painting a car body using Metariver Tech’s Samadii. Image is a screen capture of a Metariver video. [I can’t vouch for the accuracy but it’s cool to watch.]

Miscellaneous Stuff

Startling Starlings

I could say that these photographs are like a mesh because the starlings are discrete points.

I could try to tie the photo to aerodynamics because the birds are flying.

I could attempt some commentary about realism and abstraction.

But I won’t.

Soren Skolaer’s photographs of flocks of starlings in his Black Sun series are just plain cool. Organic and geometric. Discrete and continuous. Motion and stillness.

Click through to see my favorite, the one with the tree. It reminds me of Mondrian’s Grey Tree.

Soren Solkaer, Black Sun. Image from See links above.

Bonus: A few geometry problems for you to ponder. As for the donut…

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  1. Mark Keating says:

    2020 Q4 sees the release of FLOW-3D HYDRO (

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