An Introduction to Pointwise’s Tutorial Tuesday

You may have heard us (and others) promote something called Tutorial Tuesday. Exactly what it is and how can it benefit you? Let’s just say there’s lots of good information out there shared in bite-sized pieces. Read on for the details.

Tutorial Tuesday – Pretty Much What It Sounds Like

There’s really no secret or hidden meaning here. Each Tuesday we publish on the Pointwise YouTube channel a brief 2-3 minute tutorial video that describes how to use a particular feature in the Pointwise software.

All those videos have been compiled into a Tutorial Tuesday Playlist with 306 videos as of the date this article was written. As you can imagine, with so many videos virtually every feature in the software is covered, from the newest capabilities to features that are more foundational. Here are just two highlights.

The View Magnifier

For our current customers, you never know what great tip or idea you’ll learn in just a couple of minutes. For the curious, these videos give you an idea of the breadth of functionality in the software.

How to Participate in Tutorial Tuesday

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel and get notified each time we publish a new video.
  • Follow Pointwise on Twitter where we announce each new video.
  • Suggest ideas for new Tutorial Tuesday videos by commenting on this post.

Happy Meshing!

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